This community offers an enchanting atmosphere of friendliness and fun augmented and reflected by two beautiful, accessible lakes.  The city's impressive tourism assets, diverse economic base and dynamic leadership make it a gem to any target, whether it is a business, visitor or potential resident.

It's no wonder that a city built to hug the sides of two lakes reflects so many lakeside attributes.  It is a serene community with a high quality of life.  It is safe, accommodating and never feels rushed.  It is a place where you won't feel weighed down by big city pressures, and instead have the time to enjoy what is most important in life.  While it does have this calming side to it, Monticello, like its lakes, is also a place of unbridled fun.  It is filled with the energy of youth whether it be from families playing at Indiana Beach, new leadership, or young adults starting their education at Ivy Tech.  There is both a wonderful calm and sparkling energy here.

Visitors are thrilled by the activities of Indiana Beach, engaged by all outdoor recreation opportunities and charmed by the community's hospitable atmosphere.  Businesses appreciate the high quality of life, higher education opportunities and hardworking workforce the city delivers.  The lure of the water and the comfort and support of a small community are attractive to residents.  But, whether it's a visitor, business or resident, everyone is satisfied by a place that wonderfully balances, life, work and play.  That balance is the spirit of the lakes.

The lakes, and the spirit that extends beyond their banks and into the community offers a chance for something more than everyday living - lakeside living.  Such a lifestyle is what truly sets the community apart and gives it energy, life and forward momentum.  And Monticello will continue to move forward and flow onward, just as water does, to carve out its special place in the world.

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If you have not visited Monticello, Indiana, in person, I hope you will soon!


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