Welcome to Monticello Sign PhotoThe Monticello Parks and Recreation Department recognizes that quality of life is vital to a successful community. The services offered through the city's system of beautiful parks enhances Monticello's quality of life. The Parks Department offers a variety of recreational opportunities, and a selection of facilities that contribute to the health and well-being of the entire community.

Through the direction of a dedicated and knowledgeable Parks and Recreation Board, this department is a dynamic organization that responds to change. Facilities are consistently upgraded and new additions make the parks annually more inviting. So jump in the pool at Voigt, stroll Bluewater Beach, do a kick-flip at Jordan Skate Park, walk the beauty of the lower City Park, enjoy a ball game, host a family reunion ... all this is available at the City Parks.

City Park

Lower City Park PhotoSeven diverse parks totaling approximately fifty-three acres make up the Monticello Park’s system. Each park offers many unique settings and opportunities. On South Main Street sits the City Park with the historic Anheier Building. The grandfather of the City Parks system, the City Park is located on South Main Street. In this park, there is much more than first meets the eye. The City Park is unique in that it topographically has two levels. The upper level contains a lighted basketball court, fenced-in play area for tiny tots, baseball diamond and challenging playground equipment. Park benches, swings and picnic tables welcome families to come and stay while the children play. The lower level is a natural area that contains a meandering stream,, walking trails, bridges, and a gazebo. This is a popular place for pictures, weddings, and getting back to nature.

Reservation of the pavilions are in high demand and very popular with park patrons. Some typical reservations include birthday parties, anniversary, and especially for family reunions. Due to the popularity of this park, many patrons reserve pavilions well in advanced. In addition to pavilions, the City Park has an indoor facility option at the Anheier Building.

Bluewater Beach

Bluewater PhotoBluewater Beach is located on a part of the winding Tippecanoe River that links Lakes Shafer and Freeman.

Between Lakes Shafer and Freeman, there is a stretch of the Tippecanoe River that connects the two manmade lakes. Officially, it's Lake Freeman, but it has the quieter nature of a winding riverfront. Bluewater Beach is located on a special spot where folks can boat or fish. There is public access for boating enthusiasts and four fishing piers. Playground equipment and several picnic shelters offer residents and visitors an opportunity to kick-back, relax and enjoy the "beach." The Bluewater Beach Pavilion is an enclosed shelter and can be reserved for special events.

Voigt Park

Voigt Park PhotoThe Voigt Park Complex is home to an Voigt Park houses three softball diamonds and is home to numerous Softball Leagues.

The Parks Department manages two concession stands at Voigt Park - one in the pool area and one located near the Softball fields. On a summer evening, you can hear the crack of the bat, the cheers of the fans and splashing of water all in one great park! Before cooling off in the pool, get your exercise on sand volleyball courts or the basketball court while the younger children enjoy the playground equipment. If you want to host a special event, there are two park pavilions at this park.

Tornado Memorial Park

Tornado Memorial Park PhotoTornado Memorial Park was acquired through the gracious donation from Wells Fargo and the Historical Society of Monticello. This park site is approximately .2 acres in size and is located in downtown Monticello at the intersection of Broadway St. and Bluff St. A concept plan was prepared by Purdue University graduating class of 2004 Landscape Architecture Program. (Prof. Kim Wilson, students- Toby Busse, Janelle Johnson, Sarah Hicks, and Ken Price). Through community input and other considerations a design for the site was selected.

Tioga Park

Tioga Park PhotoTioga Park is currently in the planning stages of redevelopment. Unknown to many, Tioga Park was the second property acquired by the city for parks development. The property was purchased in 1916 and at that time contained 3.82 acres. Portions of this property were sold in 1925 to a Power Company who purchased a large portion of Tioga and some of the surrounding property in this area at that time. The remaining acreage today, from the original acquisition, is .64 acres. Tioga Park may sound like a small property but the water front view is amazing. In design ideas proposed, an observation deck along with fishing pier and gabion retaining walls will make this site a favorite of visitors.

Atherr Nature Park

Artherr Nature Park PhotoAltherr Nature Park was purchased in 2010. Since the purchase there has been two volunteer cleanup days to remove debris from the park. Eagle scouts have participated in three eagle projects that have also been a tremendous help with this parks progress. At the beginning of 2012 the parks department plans to begin removing existing buildings and prep the prairie area for future seeding with natural grasses. Plans for development of Altherr Nature Park include development and construction of the multi-moto trail that will run from South Street to Main Street as well as smaller trails that will run throughout the park. Development of a nature center is also included in the future plans of this park.

Jordan Skate Park

Jordan Skate Park PhotoJordan Skate Park property was donated by local business man Dave Jordan in 2009. The planning and design stages for this park were also completed that year by Mitchell E. Billue and the Park Board. This park was selected for development of Monticello’s community skate park.

In 2010, the first stage of the Skate Park was completed. This phase included construction the concrete pad for the skate park as well as a few ramps. During this phase of the skate park’s development, the trails and restrooms at the park were also completed. Phase two of the parks development occurred in 2011 and included the addition of the equipment needed to complete the skate park, construction of a new playground, establishment of two pavilions, drinking fountains, completion of the paved parking area, trails, and establishment of the park’s boardwalk. Landscaping to complete this park’s development is scheduled for 2012.

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