Water and Waste Water are billed on a monthly basis. For customers with both Water and Waste Water (City Sewer), a combined bill is produced. Most customers who have both city Water and Waste Water (Sewer) are billed according to the usage registered on their water meter. Meters are read on a monthly basis, weather conditions permitting. These readings are collected by Customer Service Field Technicians who record this information into a hand-held meter reading device. This information is then transferred electronically into the computer at City Hall where the bills are prepared.

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Water Dept. Questions

How can I avoid a high water bill?

It is very simple. First check to make certain that you don't have leaks. Even a leaky toilet can cause thousands of gallons of usage in a month! Second, be aware of how often you use water. It is surprising how much water can be used in taking those long showers and by washing a small amount of clothes. If you would like information regarding water conservation and how to check for leaks, please contact the Water/Wastewater Business Office.

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