Did you know the mighty oak can live for 200 to 400 years! A single oak tree can be enjoyed by generations.  It can provide shade for picnics and reunions, as well as provide shelter and food for thousands of animals over its' lifetime. Yes, one single tree!

Your Monticello City Parks & Recreation Department has created a program to help populate our parks with "Fifty Trees of Indiana".  The Fifty Trees program offers you a chance to help us reach our goal by donating a tree of your choice ... one of fifty trees.  Donate a tree in memory of a loved one, in honor of someone special, as a family tree, or just to help improve our parks and help us reach our goal.

How Does the Program Work?

Anyone can select a tree for a donation of $100.00.  Your tree will be registered on this web site with the following information:
  • Common Name
  • Scientific Name
  • GPS Coordinates
  • Date of Planting
  • Personal Dedication in memory of/honor of or dedication to (if desired)
Once you have selected a tree and your donation has been received, the Parks Department will order your tree.  The tree you select will be planted on a date designated by the Parks Department.  You will be notified of the planting date.  To insure optimum growing conditions, the Parks Department will also determine the planting location for your tree based on the site characteristics best suited for the tree you've selected.

With your generous donation you will receive a copy of the Fifty Trees of Indiana book and a certificate with the information above present on the front and any tribute or personal comments printed on the back. Click here to purchase and donate a tree.

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information.