Mayor Houston and the City of Monticello is pleased to issue the following Request for Redevelopment Proposal. fireshouse

The City is seeking best “adaptive reuse” proposals from interested developers, for the now vacated facilities and real estate, previously serving as the headquarters for City of Monticello Fire Department, for more than a century.

Located at 120 W. Washington Street and on the north side of the town square, the former fire station and fire company headquarters consists of phased additions and renovations, representing very old to recently constructed. The original building is close to one hundred years old and has significant historical value to many of the city’s citizens. As such, the City would like to entertain, from interested developers, a repurposing plan which incorporates the historic preservation of the original building’s exterior, at least to a significant degree. Should numerous proposals be received, preference will be given to the proposal perceived to best contribute to the viability of the city’s downtown going forward.

Arrangements can be made to walk interested parties through the facility.  The City will receive proposals postmarked no later than November 15, 2018.