Monticello has a solid industrial base in which no company dominates the labor market, thus assuring a strong local economy.

The area's diverse industrial base represents national and international companies - including Ball Metal Beverage Container Corporation, Emerson Electric's McGill Corporation, Monticello Spring Corporation, MSCA, Polymer Science, and Jordan Manufacturing.

White County, with Monticello as it's county seat, is home to Cives Steel Company (the nation's largest steel fabricator) and Vanguard Trailer - a growth leader in the trucking trailer manufacturing industry. As Indiana's largest popcorn producer, natural fit companies include Vogel Popcorn and Wabash Valley Farms, manufacturer of the famous stovetop Whirley Pop Popcorn Popper.

Area industrial and business employers benefit from the proximity of higher education training programs provided through Ivy Tech and Purdue University. While Monticello employees are well trained - resulting in an efficient, dependable, hardworking and reliable workforce. Area companies have taken advantage of state skill assessment and training grants designed to assist workers in specific skill development.

Further information may be found at the White County Economic Development web site.