Monticello stands at the center of White and Carroll counties, a spectacular summertime recreation are. Situate on the Tippecanoe River between to meandering man-made lakes, The City of Monticello shares its amenities and heritage with more than one million visitors annually.

Interstate 65 is approximately 20 miles to the west of the city, reached by U.S. Highway 24. This highway intersects with north-south U.S. 421 and State Road 39 in Monticello.

Monticello's highway and rail transportation systems provide companies and industries with a wide spectrum of capabilities to meet their unique needs. Whether bringing in raw mateials or shipping out finished goods, the area has the necessary resources to keep manufacturing lines moving.

In addition to being ideally located between major airports (Chicago's Midway and O'Hare International Airport), White County has its own general aviation airport. White County Airport offers full maintenance facilities and fuels for jet and prop-driven aircraft.

Several railroads serve the community business and industrial base. The T P & W Railroad has a cap I intermodal Hub Center on US Highway 24 West. In addition, seven motor freight firms provide intra-and- interstate shipping. Monticello is located 80 miles from Burns Harbor, at Portage, giving area firms access to world markets via the St. Lawrence Seaway.