About Voigt Park

The Voigt Park Complex is home to an Voigt Park houses three softball diamonds and is home to numerous Softball Leagues.

The Parks Department manages two concession stands at Voigt Park - one in the pool area and one located near the Softball fields. On a summer evening, you can hear the crack of the bat, the cheers of the fans and splashing of water all in one great park! Before cooling off in the pool, get your exercise on sand volleyball courts or the basketball court while the younger children enjoy the playground equipment. If you want to host a special event, there are two park pavilions at this park.

History of Voigt Park

Development of Voigt Park began with the purchase of the Monticello City Pool property from Community Recreation Incorporated in 1983. Due to financial difficulties, Community Recreation was no longer able to sustain operations of the pool and opted to sell the property to the city. The city took out a Farmers Home Loan of ($90,000.00) to purchase the pool and make needed repairs. The City Pool property covers 4.10 acres. Conveyance of the property from Community Recreation to the City of Monticello was recorded in the office of the White County Recorder on February 24, 1984.

In 1988 three additional parcels of land were added to the park. With the communities desire to provide a softball complex for the youth of Monticello, Voigt Park continued to grow with land sold / “donated” to the city from Virginiabelle Voigt (3.94 acres), The Monticello –White County Industrial Foundation, INC (2.25 acres), and United Telephone Company of Indiana, INC (.532 acres). The properties were sold to the city for “($1.00), ($1.00), and ($10.00)” respectively. Conveyance of these properties was respectively recorded in the office of the White County Recorder on May 12th 1988, May 12th 1988, and on October 13th 1988. Today, Voigt Park covers a total area of 10.82 acres.

Pavilion Rental Information

Facility Type Sq Ft Capacity Cost Park Location
Anheier Building Indoor 3,000 80; 14 Tables/80 Chairs $100.00 City Park
Bandstand Pavilion Open Air 532 40-60; 3 Tables $ 25.00 City Park
Benjamin Pavilion Open Air 2,091 80-100; 10 Tables $ 40.00 City Park
Central Pavilion Enclosed 1,341 80-100; 5 Tables $ 40.00 City Park
Shady Rest Pavilion Enclosed 944 30-50; 6 Tables $ 25.00 City Park
North Pavilion Enclosed 900 60-80; 4 Tables $ 30.00 City Park
Wagon Wheel Pavilion Open Air 885 30-50; 6 Tables $ 25.00 City Park
South Pavilion Enclosed 600 40-60; 4 Tables $ 30.00 City Park
Newell Timmons Pavilion Open Air 612 20-30; 6 Tables $ 25.00 Voigt Park
Hank Landis Pavilion Open Air 612 30-50; 6 Tables $ 25.00 Voigt Park
Bluewater Pavilion Enclosed 1,248 80-100; 10 Tables $ 40.00 Bluewater Beach Park
North Pavilion - Jordan Open Air   20-30; 4 Tables $ 25.00 Jordan Park
South Pavilion - Jordan Open Air   20-30; 4 Tables $ 25.00 Jordan Park