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Disabilities Awareness Month in March.
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ada logoThe City of Monticello is committed to being an accessible, responsive, community that welcomes and includes everyone.  The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) has become a useful tool in assuring that access changes are made and policies are developed to give people with all kinds of disabilities an equal opportunity to participate and benefit from community programs and activities.

Review Local March Disabilities Awareness Month schedule.   |   Download Schedule
View Regional Awareness Month Activities (Purdue University)

Volunteer for 2nd Annual “Mile in My Shoes Day” on Th., Mar.19, 2015

“Mile in My Shoes Day” is an event in which community leaders, elected officials, and/or interested individuals are invited to spend “a day in the life of “ a person with a disability. You will mile(Click & Download Printable Flyer)have the opportunity to spend your work day with a challenge of your choosing, then join other participants and Advisory Council members to share your thoughts, insights, and discoveries. We hope this will shed light on the issues our friends with disabilities face everyday, thereby promoting understanding and awareness. We will invite the local media to observe and report on your feelings before and after your day.

Challenges to consider learning about:
  • Accessibility (wheelchair, crutches, braces)
  • Visually impaired (blindfolded)
  • Hearing impaired (earplugs)
  • Communication (unable to speak or be understood)
  • Arm or hands (use of one only)
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This community offers an enchanting atmosphere of friendliness and fun augmented and reflected by two beautiful, accessible lakes.  The city's impressive tourism assets, diverse economic base and dynamic leadership make it a gem to any target, whether it is a business, visitor or potential resident.

It's no wonder that a city built to hug the sides of two lakes reflects so many lakeside attributes.  It is a serene community with a high quality of life.  It is safe, accommodating and never feels rushed.  It is a place where you won't feel weighed down by big city pressures, and instead have the time to enjoy what is most important in life.  While it does have this calming side to it, Monticello, like its lakes, is also a place of unbridled fun.  It is filled with the energy of youth whether it be from families playing at Indiana Beach, new leadership, or young adults starting their education at Ivy Tech.  There is both a wonderful calm and sparkling energy here.


ADA Information

Disabilities Awareness Month is in March.  Learn More ...

Please review these recent ADA Documents on our transitition plan and sidewalk renovation.

icon Transition Update - July 2014
icon Sidewalk Replacement Info

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