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mann 0017Jim Mann, Monticello Clerk-TreasurerClerk/Treasurer, Jim Mann, is proud to be serving the City of Monticello.  The Clerk/Treasurer serves as the financial officer and record keeper for the City Council and Board of Public Works and Safety.

Duties of the Clerk-Treasurer:
  • provides the City Council with the budget estimates, financial statements, and proposed tax rates
  • collects and accounts for all fees due to the City through fixed ordinances
  • completes payroll, permits, and accounts payable vouchers
  • handles property records
  • processes sales tax
  • invests city monies where statute requires it be done
  • writing and administrating grants
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Office Information:
  • The Clerk/Treasurer's office is located in City Hall.
  • Office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
  • Married: Rachel works at Purdue University.
  • Sons:
    • Darren married to Stacey and lives in Indianapolis. She is a Teacher at University High School. Darren is Controller for Pulte Homes.
    • Austin is married to Michelle Burke and lives in Indianapolis. She is with Price-Waterhouse-Coopers and he is with Ernst & Young.
  • Memberships: Twin Lakes High School Education Foundation and Lay Leader of the Monticello United Methodist Church

Deputy Clerk/Treasurer:

Michelle Mills serves as the Deputy Clerk/Treasurer for the City of Monticello. Michelle started this position in January of 2012. She works closely with Mr. Mann to support the duties and goals of this office.

Mary Black serves as the Second Deputy Clerk/Treasurer and Payroll Clerk.

Mayor's Office

City Hall
120 W Washington St.
Monticello, Indiana 47960

Cathy Gross, Mayor
Lori Cheever, Assistant
Phone: (574) 583-9889
Fax: (574) 583-9244


City Hall
124 W Washington St.
Monticello, Indiana 47960

James Mann, Clerk/Treasurer
Michelle Mills, Deputy Clerk
Phone: (574) 583-5712
Fax: (574) 583-9244

ADA Coordinator

City Hall
120 W Washington St.
Monticello, Indiana 47960

Diane Bunnell, ADA/Title VI Coordinator
Phone: (574) 583-4568
Fax: (574) 583-9244


Fire:  (574) 583-3151
Parks:  (574) 583-3983
Police:  (574) 583-2256
Streets:  (574) 583-7033
Utility Office:  (574) 583-5443
Wastewater:  (574) 583-7847
Water Works: (574) 583-2334

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