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The Monticello Water Works Department has a rich heritage. From as early as 1895, city founding fathers learned that prior to investing in paved streets, establishing a Water Works Department was a top priority. On August 20, 1895, a contract ordinance was adopted and the Water Works Department became an integral part of city services.

In 1895, a standpipe was built and today, the Monticello Standpipe located on the west side of Bluff Street still proudly stands. It is said to be one of the State of Indiana's oldest existing standpipes.

In 2001, construction on a new water plant began and on April 24, 2002, the new plant became operational. The new water plant utilizes the latest in state-of-the art computer control and monitoring systems for the day-to-day operations.

On 7.75 acres of land, the Water Department manages water tower sites, wells and the water plant. Currently, the department serves approximately 2,500 customers and manages approximately 40 miles of main lines in the city's service.

Water works plant employees include: Superintendent, Wade Cohagan, Brad Haygood, and Kevin Flaherty.

Located in the Monticello Municipal Building, the water works business office staff includes Brenda Elizalde, Office Manager and Jill Barnes, Utility Clerk.

During city business hours, residents may pay water bills in person at the 225 North Main Street location or utilize the new drive-up window located on the south side of the city building.

After hours, residents may use the 24 Hour Payment Dropbox at City Hall at 225 North Main Street.
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