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Water Works Department


The Monticello Water Works Department has a rich heritage. From as early as 1895, city founding fathers learned that prior to investing in paved streets, establishing a Water Works Department was a top priority. On August 20, 1895, a contract ordinance was adopted and the Water Works Department became an integral part of city services.

In 1895, a standpipe was built and today, the Monticello Standpipe located on the west side of Bluff Street still proudly stands. It is said to be one of the State of Indiana's oldest existing standpipes.

In 2001, construction on a new water plant began and on April 24, 2002, the new plant became operational and is in use today.

The Monticello Water Department is responsible for providing safe and reliable drinking water throughout the community. We maintain the drinking water treatment plant and its processes, as well as, three elevated storage tanks (water towers) and an ever-aging distribution system of pipes throughout the city.

The water treatment plant is considered an iron removal plant meaning that its primary purpose is to remove iron and other contaminants from the ground water before it is distributed. We achieve this with 3 pressure filters capable of filtering 1,000 GPM each (gallons per minute) for a combined capacity of 3,000 gpm or 4.3 MGD (million gallons per day). Part of the daily operation of the plant includes running tests in our lab and in from the distribution system to ensure compliance with state and federal regulations. We also have to backwash our filters, a process that takes 6 hours and happens every Monday. All four of our employees are trained and capable of these duties.

The distribution system is comprised of miles of water main ranging from 4-inches in diameter up to 16-inches in diameter (over 40-miles of pipe!). We also maintain service lines that run from the water mains to the water meters outside of your homes and businesses. We have to fix any leaks that occur in this distribution system regardless of the day, time, or weather conditions. This can be a challenge when it below 20 degrees and none of our equipment wants to work!

We also spend a significant amount of time locating buried water pipes and marking those with blue paint before any construction takes place around the city. Any time someone calls 411 before they dig, we respond, locate the pipes and mark them so that our water pipes remain safe.

Water Works Business Office

Located in the Monticello Municipal Building, the water works business office staff includes Brenda Elizalde, Office Manager and Jill Barnes, Utility Clerk.

During city business hours, residents may pay water bills in person at the 225 North Main Street location, utilize the drive-up window located on the south side of the city building, or online by clicking this link.

After hours, residents may use the 24 Hour Payment Dropbox at the Municipal Building at 225 North Main Street.

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