Police Services

The Monticello Police Department is a member of the Multi-Department Drug Task Force and is involved in
  • Operation Pull Over (O.P.O.)
  • Educational Programs (McGruff)
  • D.U.I.
The department provides the following services to the community:
  • Accident Reports - $5.00 each
  • Fingerprinting Services - $10.00
  • VIN Verification/Checks - $5.00 each
If you need to pay one of the following fines:
  • Non-Moving Violations: $15.00 (after 72 Hours: $30.00)
  • Local Ordinance Fines: $25.00
Please do so via mail or by visiting either the

Police Department Office
229 N. Main St.
Monticello, IN  47960
Clerk/Treasurer's Office
225 N. Main St.
Monticello, IN  47960

Business hours:
8:00am-4:00pm M-F

Mayor's Office

City Hall
120 W Washington St.
Monticello, Indiana 47960

Cathy Gross, Mayor
Lori Cheever, Assistant
Phone: (574) 583-9889
Fax: (574) 583-9244


City Hall
124 W Washington St.
Monticello, Indiana 47960

James Mann, Clerk/Treasurer
Michelle Mills, Deputy Clerk
Phone: (574) 583-5712
Fax: (574) 583-9244

ADA Coordinator

City Hall
120 W Washington St.
Monticello, Indiana 47960

Diane Bunnell, ADA/Title VI Coordinator
Phone: (574) 583-4568
Fax: (574) 583-9244


Fire:  (574) 583-3151
Parks:  (574) 583-3983
Police:  (574) 583-2256
Streets:  (574) 583-7033
Utility Office:  (574) 583-5443
Wastewater:  (574) 583-7847
Water Works: (574) 583-2334

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