Monticello Named Smart Rural Community

The City of Monticello has been recognized as a smart rural community.  Lightstream, a local company providing fiber-optic broadband services, to our community is our city partner.  Their goal is to bring high speed internet to rural areas.

Lightstream was awarded this honor by the National Broadband Association.  The President and CEO of Lightstream, Brent Gilliam, has worked towards this goal within rural areas during the pandemic.

Gilliam remarked, "To be able to share this with our community and watch it develop and grow and be able to provide that opportunity for many years and decades in the future is very important to us."  Monticello Mayor Cathy Gross said this recognition is part of her mission to move the city forward.  Gross said, "Because of these important partnerships we are able to constantly make a different in our community".

To learn more about this award, visit Lightstream's Smart Rural Community webpage.

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