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Roosevelt PowWow

IMG 7791The RMS Pow Wow is an afternoon of various activities set up on the last day of school each year for RMS students to participate in for fun. For many years some of these activities were bowling, movies in various classrooms, games outside on RMS grounds, etc.

Three years ago, RMS educator Tiffany Roth reached out to the Monticello Fire Department and inquired as to whether we would be willing to set up an obstacle course or something fun for a group of students to come to the station and participate in.

The first year was a big hit with the students and staff. Last year being our third year to participate we welcomed around 25 students, 3-4 staff members and 5-6 parents to the station and again set up an obstacle course of various tasks a firefighter may do during the course of his or her day. Some of these tasks included Pulling hose, spraying water, donning full protective equipment and so on.

This past year we also transported the students and staff atop our beloved antique American LaFrance fire engine to and from the middle school with lights and sirens going.
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