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Jordan Skate Park

About the Jordan Skate Park

Jordan Park property was donated by local business man Dave Jordan in 2009. The planning and design stages for this park were also completed that year by Mitchell E. Billue and the Park Board. This park was selected for development of Monticello’s community skate park. In 2010 the first stage of the Skate Park was completed. This phase included construction the concrete pad for the skate park as well as a few ramps. During this phase of the skate park’s development, the trails and restrooms at the park were also completed. Phase two of the parks development occurred in 2011 and included the addition of the equipment needed to complete the skate park, construction of a new playground, establishment of two pavilions, drinking fountains, completion of the paved parking area, trails, and establishment of the park’s boardwalk. Landscaping to complete this park’s development is scheduled for 2012.

History of the Jordan Skate Park

Funding for Jordan Park started clear back in 2003 with the Cans for Cash program that was started to generate funding for the future skate park. This aluminum can recycling program was initiated through a partnership between the City of Monticello’s Parks & Recreation Department and Ball Corporation. The community wide collection program was worth the time and effort because it put Monticello in first place for the City Recycling Challenge sponsored by Novelis Corp. The nationwide contest encourages cities to recycle as many aluminum cans as possible. In 2005, Monticello was awarded with a check in the amount of $5,000 for the Cities outstanding efforts in their recycling initiatives. The Cans for Cash program instigated a community wide partnership that allowed for the development of our current skate park.

In 2009, with Dave Jordans’ donation of property for the north end park, the community was even more involved and motivated to contribute to the creation of a skate park right here in Monticello. The initial planning and design detailing Jordan Park were done by Mitch Billue and the Parks Board early in 2009. Also, on March 16th of that year, North Dakota students contributed to the development of the park through a program called Lead the Way. The students spent a day working at the park helping to clear debris and prepare the site for development. There were more than 40 students that contributed in helping with this project which was just one stop on their way to Washington D.C. helping communities along the way. After the North Dakota students had let a helping hand, our very own boy scouts helped with the removal of brush and tree stumps creating a clean slate for the development of the park. The much anticipated concrete pad for the skate park was poured on Nov. 14, 2009.

In 2010 the first stage of the Skate Park was completed. This consisted of the concrete pad for the skate park as well as a few ramps. Also, for the first stage of development, the trails and restrooms were completed. Stage two was composed of finishing the half-pipe ramp and the remaining skate park equipment. Continued development on the construction of the playground equipment, pavilions, drinking fountains, board walk and paving continued into 2011.