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Tioga Park

About the Proposed Tioga Park

tiogaTioga Park is currently in the planning stages of redevelopment. Unknown to many, Tioga Park was the second property acquired by the city for parks development. The property was purchased in 1916 and at that time contained 3.82 acres. Portions of this property were sold in 1925 to a Power Company who purchased a large portion of Tioga and some of the surrounding property in this area at that time. The remaining acreage today, from the original acquisition, is .64 acres. Tioga Park may sound like a small property but the water front view is amazing. In design ideas proposed, an observation deck along with fishing pier and gabion retaining walls will make this site a favorite of visitors.

The History of Tioga Park

Tioga Park, currently in the planning stages, was the second parcel of land obtained for parks development. This parcel was purchased in 1916 from the Tippecanoe Hydraulic Co. for ($660) and at that time contained approximately 3.82 acres. The land was conveyed to the City on the 10th day of March 1916. Nine years after these properties had been purchased; a majority of the Tioga property and a small portion of the City Park property at Dodge Camp were sold. This land was conveyed to Indiana H. –E. Power Company for establishment of the Norway and Oakdale Hydroelectric dams and the creation of Lakes Shafer and Freeman. The purchase of property was recorded in the White County Recorder’s office on the 17th day of September 1925 a total of 4.71 acres of which about 3.18 acres &1.53 acres were respectively sold from the Tioga and City Park properties. The power company purchased the land for the sum of $1,000. Today, the majority of this area is under water.

Of the Tioga property’s originally acquired by the city in 1916, presently .64 acres remains of which .23 acres was abandoned railroad right-of-way.